Peritoneal Là Gì

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However, when these species were cultivated in culture flasks previously coated with cells from a murine peritoneal lavage, continuous parasite growth was achieved.
The worms are found mostly on the peritoneal walls although occasional worms are found on the intestinal folds.
Defects are usually filled with haematic-lượt thích liquid và occasionally with true soto dehiscence bleeding flows towards the peritoneal wall.
The intestines were replaced in the peritoneal cavity and the abdominal & cutaneous wounds closed with separate sutures.
The toàn thân cavities (peritoneal & pleural), lungs, liver, heart & spleen were checked for metacestodes.
During necropsy, it was ensured that the in situ topography of organs in the peritoneal cavity was preserved.
The peritoneal cavity also contained several specimens which had no doubt escaped from the stomach through the sinuses leading lớn the peritoneum.
These measures, however, frequently vì not produce the desired effect và peritoneal dialysis is required, which often has dramatic results.
We also bởi not know whether the patient"s caregivers have sầu explored the possibility of chronic hemo- or peritoneal dialysis with her.
For recovering the parasite, the inoculation sites, livers & peritoneal cavities of the gerbils were examined at necropsy.
Taken together, these data provide a likely explanation khổng lồ answer the question as to why peritoneal macrophages in women with endometriosis have sầu lower phagocytotic capability.
Other criteria include an extension of placental tissue beyond the serosa and secondary haemorrhage inlớn the peritoneal cavity.

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Replacement of the bowel within the peritoneal cavity và primary closure of the defect is the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá.
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