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Orthogonal drawings - for example, plan & section - are additional tools for analysis and precise measurement.
Under these conditions we consider it useful to lớn think of one continuum with many strands, rather than orthogonal dimensions.
The authors find evidence for two orthogonal dimensions separating security of attachment from what they term the attachment " strategy " for coping with interpersonal difficulties.
These issues are orthogonal to the rest of the best practice issues, và include the latter within their scope.
The minimum number of equations of motion of the manipulator have been derived using the natural orthogonal complement methodology.
For example, in signal processing rank-revealing orthogonal decompositions need to be frequently updated.
The half-spaces, of - which it is the intersection, are determined by codimension-one subspaces orthogonal lớn the edges connecting vi to neighboring vertices.
These operators have sầu the interesting property that their eigenfunctions are orthogonal (provided that their eigenvalues are not equal).
It is useful lớn choose the base vectors for the -coordinate system lớn be orthogonal in the reference state.
In the co-dimension-one foliation web8_setting characterized by equation (14), this gradient defines the one-dimensional space of orthogonal vectors.
They will help to lớn abstract the concepts with orthogonal meaning, extract basic concepts, & specify explicit and appropriate definitions.
This calculus is confluent since the combination of an orthogonal system (the recursor rules) with -reduction preserves confluence.

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to give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve sầu something together with other people

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