Operational là gì

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Repairs have already begun và we expect the plant to soon be fully operational (= working correctly & completely).

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operational activities/decisions/control The majority of shareholders are interested in investment, not in operational control of the firm.
Repairs have sầu already begun & we expect the factory to lớn be fully operational again within six months.
From here the designer places the operational features và the structural beams, which avoid obstacles using structural integrity criteria as a guide.
As such, the per formance of the kiến thiết development process can be improved through both the strategic & operational levels of management.
Since the latter typically begins during the third year of life, the implication is that countering processes must be operational by then.
The issue of operational correctness is largely ignored in functional programs & remains an open problem.
In order khổng lồ compare his results with ours, we present a brief tài khoản of an operational semantics for annotated terms.
If only computable domain-theoretic primitives are used, a simple operational semantics results as a by-product of the thiết kế process.
The operational semantics of expressions is given by a reduction relation i-> on descriptions (denned below).
Rather than enter inlớn the issues raised by those papers, we take an operational approach sufficient for the programs appearing in this paper.
Operational definitions of lexical knowledge might be represented on a single dimension, but lexical knowledge itself cannot be.
Their techniques are those of denotational semantics, completely different from the operational techniques of this paper.
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to lớn prsự kiện further disagreement in arguments or war by giving to lớn the opposing side an advantage that they have sầu demanded

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