On call là gì

If a worker such as a doctor is on call, he or she is available lớn work or make official visits at any time when needed:

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used lớn describe workers who are available to make official visits at any time when they are needed:
Medical staffs are small, on-call schedules are demanding, and requests to serve on more than one hospital committee are numerous.
This can cause a strain on the on-call arrangements of staff in the interventional radiology department.
In addition, approximately 10 per cent of former recipients are employed in the burgeoning temporary work sector - independent contractors, on-call workers và contract company workers.
In all other cases, the patients received a recorded message giving the number of the on-call service, which they then had to Hotline.
From the second year of training onwards, the trainee should be able to lớn participate in the on-call schedules.
Nurses had access to lớn the electronic patient record while providing telephone services, as did the on-call physician who could also access client records from trang chủ when the nurse sought consultation.
They will also promote action to improve junior doctors on-call accommodation & out-of-hours catering facilities.
Another aspect of general practice that patients are not cheering is on-call services performed by locums.
Either opt-outs continue, và are properly regulated, because we now know from the case-law to date that on-call time is a major issue.
Even if on-call cardiologists are not available there, at least the hospital can stabilise the patient & transfer him to lớn an acute general hospital elsewhere.
It comprises a small number of in-house translators exercising chất lượng control who supervise a large pool of experienced & trusted on-call translators and interpreters.

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Those junior doctors on call will, equally, receive sầu the same on-call payments as they would at other bank holidays.
When a scanner khổng lồ diagnose a critical patient does not have sầu a 24-hour on-call person to lớn work it, there is dismay and disbelief.
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