Noice also spelled Nooice, is an accented version of the word "nice", used online as enthusiastic, exclamatory internet slang to declare approval or sarcastic approval of a topic or achievement. It is often associated with the Australian or English accents or bros.

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While the origin of this phrase is unknown, it was first defined on Wiktionary on Feb 1, 2001, as being an English dialectical version of nice.<3> It was first defined on Urban Dictionary by web8_user "Cracka-B A.K.A Billy Blam" on March 16, 2003, who claimed that it meant "To be beyond the regular limits of nice. To be nice, & then exceed the status."<1> The web8_user claimed that the term was introduced by the Beastie Boys tuy nhiên "Three MCs và One DJ", which may or may not be the first recorded usage.

However, this definition is not the most popular of the 36 definitions submitted for noice. According to lớn web8_users, the term is more likely khổng lồ mean "Beyond the boundaries và exceeding the limits of nice. Spoken with emphasis when describing something particularly awesome."


The 4chan archive sầu records more than 86,000 instances of the term Noice in use throughout the imageboards as of May 2015.<5> One of the earliest online films to be made with the title "Noice" was posted on Albino Blaông xã Sheep, first indexed May 24, 2006.

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<2> As of May năm ngoái, YouTube returns about 78,000 tìm kiếm results for the term.<4> One of the most popular of these is a video of frequent YouTube Poop subject Michael Rosen saying "Noice", being distorted within the nội dung aware scaling technique. This video clip was uploaded by DylanCliff111 on November 1st 2013 và is frequently used as a reaction đoạn Clip – as such, it has more than 2,800,000 views as of May 2015.

On November 20th, 2013, the comedy duo Key và Peele uploaded a skit in which a hype-man in a breakdancing circle gets upmix when another hype-man uses his catchphrase, Nooice, spelled with two Os. As of May 2015, this video has over 6,039,000 views.

On October trăng tròn, 2014, Studio Tentpole, LLC released the emoji add-on tiện ích Noice. The phầm mềm allows web8_users khổng lồ use emoji with sound effects. It is unclear if this phầm mềm was popular – it only has 11 reviews for the current version.<6>

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