H'Hen Nie: The Trailblazing Vietnamese Beauty Queen Pushing Girls To Stay In School

The first and only Miss Vietnam who hails from an ethnic minority, the 26-year-old Finance major came from the Rade tribe whose customs include young women marrying young và starting a family early.

But H’Hen Nie did not want khổng lồ limit herself lớn the tribe’s customs, choosing instead khổng lồ go against tradition & insisting that her parents allow her to go khổng lồ school. Though her family could not support her education, the young lady did not thất bại hope. Instead, she became a domestic helper và nanny to tư vấn herself. She served food, cleaned houses, và took care of children khổng lồ pay for her Business Finance studies at the College of Foreign Economic Relations in Ho đưa ra Minh City, Vietnam.–

Her hard work paid off; she was able khổng lồ send herself khổng lồ school. While undergoing her internship at a bank, H’Hen turned lớn being a model to support herself. This proved to lớn be an excellent choice for the young student.–

A Vietnamese designer discovered her after graduation and she would soon behauvuong.mobie part of “Vietnam’s Next top Model”. Though she only finished in 9th place, this paved the way for her name lớn be known in the local showbiz industry.–

It is said that her tanned skin & short hair became her ticket lớn success as she stood out among the contestants of Miss Universe Vietnam who had fair hauvuong.mobiplexion & long hairs. She won as Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 & represented the country in the Miss Universe pageant.–

Thanks lớn the title and her prize money, H’Hen was able to bring her family out of debt. She also had the means lớn give to the needy, choosing to lớn donate the entire $10,000 cash prize to schools in her hometown lớn provide scholarships to lớn poor kids.–

Source: https://rachfeed.net/vietnams-miss-universe-contestant-once-worked-as-domestic-helper-to-go-to-school/

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