Focusrite scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen) usb audio interface with pro

It’s been three years since Focusrite released the Scarlett 2nd generation range of audio interfaces. Today, they officially announced the Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen & needless lớn say we’re very excited. The new models include almost everything we wanted to lớn see in this update.

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Before we jump into features, let’s take a look at an overview of the specification updates.

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gene vs 2nd Gen

What is an audio interface?

We first went over this in our đánh giá of the Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen. However, a recap is called for.

Think of an audio interface as a technologically advanced adapter. For example, you can’t plug your guitar directly into your computer. Instead, you plug it into an audio interface that can connect và communicate with recording software on your Mac or PC. The interface is the middle man. The same applies to lớn studio monitors which also plug into an audio interface.

As a point of clarification, people often confuse interfaces with mixers but they’re two completely different things. While you plug instruments và microphones into both, mixers are used more for live performances và don’t have extra connections lượt thích USB, XLR, or MIDI ports. On the other hand, a digital interface usually does have those ports and is used in a studio web8_setting to connect your computer with your instruments.

Ok, now on khổng lồ the good stuff. 

3rd gene Features và Updates

Every single model in the Scarlett line received an update (see them all here). In case you’re unfamiliar, the full family includes the Scarlett Solo, Scarlett 2i2, Scarlett Solo Studio, Scarlett 2i2 Studio, Scarlett 4i4, Scarlett 8i6, Scarlett 18i8, & Scarlett 18i20.

Upgraded Audio

After 30 years of perfecting their products, Focusrite’s 3rd gene mic preamp is the best Scarlett has ever created. The 24-bit/192kHz converters give your recordings clarity. Plus, its Air mode adds an extra edge khổng lồ vocals và provides unique, high-end detail.

Look & Feel

Companies often have a terrible impulse when updating a product or product line. They get overeager and overhaul things that simply don’t need lớn be changed. In short, they tweak things for the sake of the press release. It’s frustrating & unnecessary.

Focusrite did not fall into this trap.

They made minor aesthetic changes & stuck with the classic look and feel that makes Focusrite Scarlett one of the industry’s most recognizable audio interface brands. There’s some streamlining, but the signature brushed red aluminum finish & simple interface remain intact. Every device in the Focusrite Scarlett 3rd ren line looks great on your desk.

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio | gen 3

Improved Inputs và Outputs

Focusrite tweaked their headroom with the 3rd generation models. Instrument inputs now have an impressive amount of headroom và additional line-level inputs for your chất lượng recording setup. Plus, its balanced TRS outputs eliminate speaker hum. 


The USB-C takeover continues. All of the Scarlett 3rd generation models have a USB-C port. Just connect your device of choice with your máy vi tính using the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable whenever and wherever you want khổng lồ record. This connection tăng cấp is not only more convenient it also boosts device speeds và makes latency virtually unperceivable. 

Easier Setup

Focusrite products have always been blissfully easy to set up. However, their team made the process even easier with Scarlett 3rd generation models—this is about as close khổng lồ plug-and-play you can get with tech this advanced. They hotline their new onboarding sequence the “Focusrite Quick Start” tool. 

Connect the unit khổng lồ your computer, go through the pop-up installation prompts, then you’re automatically redirected khổng lồ a webpage for customized installation (the model’s serial number is automatically entered).

Included Software

Focusrite does an incredible job pairing its equipment with intuitive, cutting edge software. Plus, they offer a two-year warranty & membership to lớn the Focusrite Plug-In Collective, offering regular không lấy phí software downloads và generous discounts.

Ableton Live Lite

This program is a DAW (digital audio workstation) primarily utilized for track creation & live performances on MIDI pads. Ableton Live Lite, which—while lacking some of the functionality provided by paid versions of Ableton Live—does an amazing job. This is especially true if you’re just starting out in electronic music.

Splice Sounds

Scarlett models come with a three-month subscription lớn Splice Sounds which offers users millions of audio samples, loops, FX, và presets. It has a super easy interface that allows you lớn drag and drop content directly into your DAW for editing.

Avid Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack

The First Focusrite Creative Pack is an entry-level music-making bundle for novice producers, instrumentalists, & singer-songwriters. It includes Pro Tools First, Eleven Lite, black Op Distortion, Gray Compressor, Five-band Graphic EQ, Flanger, Vibe Phaser, Roto Speaker, Sci-Fi, Studio Reverb, Tape Echo, and InTune.

Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite

The Red Plug-in Suite replicates the functionality of Focusrite’s Red range equalizer and compressor. This suite gives you detailed, dynamic & tonal control of your phối without buying the additional hardware.

Softube Time và Tone bundle

The Softube Time và Tone bundle is made up of four plug-ins: a reverb, a delay, a mastering tool, and distortion. Use these plug-ins with the other software that accompanies the Scarlett 6i6 khổng lồ bring a new layer of professionalism to lớn your mixes.

XLN Audio Addictive Keys

The average piano keyboard usually has a few different profiles like electric, grand piano, and synth. On the other hand, Addictive Keys connects with your digital keyboard & offers dozens of piano profiles & a seemingly endless danh sách of granular adjustments to your sound.

Which generation wins in the Scarlett 3rd gene vs 2nd gen comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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